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Holding Pen Cooling

The confined area of the holding pen can be the most stressful area for a dairy cow in hot weather, relative humidity can exceed 90% as cows dissipate heat. If not properly cooled, the environment adds stress to already overheated cows.

Holding pens cooled with a combination of fans and sprinklers result in cows wanting to go into the holding pen. Fans mechanically ventilate the area and a sprinkler system increases the evaporative cooling.

Fans should be positioned to direct air away from the parlor. If vertical space is limited, locate fans along the sidewall to blow laterally across the pen in the direction of prevailing winds.


For adequate ventilation, Schaefer products best suited are:

Schaefer 52” and 54” Panel Fans
Steel panel fans combine low cost, high airflow and high air speed for very high ROI livestock cooling. Polymer panel fans offer the additional benefit of corrosion resistance.
Panel fan rows should be every 20 feet (6m).

Schaefer 36” and 42” Basket Fans
The very high airflow with narrow airflow pattern delivers high volumes of fast moving air to cool cows and other animals. Excellent option when headroom is limited.
Fan rows should be every 15 feet (4.5m).

Schaefer Dairy Soaking Systems
Air movement cools cows that are soaked to the hide more effectively than dry cows. Schaefer recommends showering the cow for short periods of time (1/2 to 3 minutes) while the cow is in the holding pen. Followed by evaporated cooling from Schaefer Basket Fans or Panel Fans.

Schaefer's SuperCooler™ Dairy Cooling System
Schaefer’s large, stationary, through-the-roof evaporative cooling system is designed to maintaining cow comfort and high milk production levels in extreme hot and arid desert climates and features multi-stage mist system and direct drive gear box for optimal cooling and reliability.