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Shade Area Cooling

Cows seek shade to reduce solar heat exposure during periods of high temperature. Maximizing cooling for shaded cows is key for cow comfort.


For adequate ventilation, Schaefer products best suited are:

Schaefer's FlipFan® Dairy Cooling System
The FlipFan Dairy Cooling System employs fans and misters that follow the shade and compensate for wind speed by rotating on a horizontal axis. Combined with shade, the FlipFan system creates a cooler and more uniform microclimate compared with conventional and stationary fans, and misters that cannot follow the shade.
     ▪  Steerable, 180° rotation
     ▪  Customizable automatic controls
     ▪  Reliable and easy to install and maintain

Schaefer's SuperCooler™ Dairy Cooling System
Schaefer’s large, stationary, through-the-roof evaporative cooling system is designed to maintaining cow comfort and high milk production levels in extreme hot and arid desert climates and features.
     ▪  Multi-stage mist system
     ▪  Direct drive gear box
     ▪  Advanced plug-and-play automatic controls