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Commercial Greenhouses

Ventilations systems for optimum greenhouse growing environment

The ventilation system within any greenhouse plays a pivotal role in plant health and crop production. Not only are ventilation systems vital to maintaining environmental conditions but they also directly influence a plant's ability to perform photosynthesis, uptake essential elements and complete pollination. Maintain plant health with the proper circulation and exhaust with Schaefer ventilation systems.

Schaefer offers a complete line of controls, automated inlets and outlets, circulation fans and evaporative cooler to circulate, exhaust and draw in air. Built to handle greenhouse moisture exposure and regular cleanings while providing superior performance and increase durability.

“The Schaefer 8” and 12” fans have exceeded all of our expectations.  They keep the temperature consistent. They are low maintenance. And the unexpected bonus is, they are quiet. We no longer need to turn fans off when classes are in the greenhouse. I would absolutely recommend Schaefer HAF fans.” - Joan Leonard, Program Manager, Arts & Sciences Plant Growth Facilities, Ohio State University August 2014

"I just wanted to compliment Schaefer on the quality of your HAF fans. The fans have been in operation in our propagation range with fog and have been running 24 hours a day for the last 13-14 years. I wished everything in our greenhouse lasted as long as the Schaefer fans." - Danny Takao, Garden Bloomers Takao Nursery, Fresno, CA