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Aluminum Shutters

WS-SHUTHDWRKIT, WS-220, WS-120, WS-160, WS-180, WS-200, WS-240, WS-270, WS-300, WS-330, WS-360, WS-390, WS-420, WS-450, WS-480, WS-510, WS-540, WS-570, WS-600, WS-660, WS-INLETHDWRKIT


GH.shutters.jpgSchaefer aluminum shutters allow airflow in a single direction and are used as building air inlets to feed Schaefer exhaust fans, or on exhaust fans to prevent air entry when the fan is not operating.

Aluminum shutters are built tough for long life in the most demanding environments, all at an affordable price.

Features and Benefits:

  • Constructed of heavy-duty brushed aluminum for corrosion resistance and greater durability
  • Interlocking louvers for maximum weather protection and lightweight for high efficiency and easy installation
  • Tie bar to eliminate shutter flapping
  • Shutter motor kits available for automated opening/closing

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