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Americ Confined Space Ventilators

VAF3000A-2, VAF1500A, VAF1500B, VAF3000A, VAF3000B, VAF3000P, VAF8000A, VAF8000A-3, VAF8000B-3, VAF1500B-SHUKO, VAF3000B-SHUKO


Two-Speed Model Now Available - VAF3000A-2 

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When a life is on the line choose the best-in-class ventilator, Americ®. Americ confined space ventilators provide unrivaled performance to ensure safe, controlled and comfortable work conditions in the most extreme environments. Rugged and reliable, many units are still performing great after 15 years.

Features and Benefits:

  • Industry leading airflow in all sizes, rated from 750-10,000 cfm
  • Dual wall polyethylene housing designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, providing years of durability and dependability
  • Premium quality motors rated for over 100,000 hours of heavy duty, continuous use for unmatched return on investment
  • Safety tested to UL, CSA and CE certifications, exceeding industry standards
  • Provides positive and negative airflow (blows and extracts)
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Stackable to save storage space
  • Three year warranty
  • Made in the USA



On-demand performance.
Ideal for use in confined spaces that require a powerhouse air ventilator, the VAF3000A/B can handle your most demanding industrial needs.
With a forceful 1 hp motor, the VAF3000 can deliver both positive and negative airflow at an incredible maximum capacity of 2,796 cfm in the most difficult work environments.


The ideal workhorse.
Perfect for small confined spaces, such as manholes and sewers, these compact blowers deliver maximum airflow for a safe, comfortable and controlled work environment.
Your construction, utility or telephone crews can depend on the VAF1500A/B models to deliver a continuous flow of fresh air.


Hold on to your seat.
This 20" unit outperforms ventilators up to four times it’s size. If you’re in need of a ventilator for larger applications, turn to the one that provides extreme performance.
Turn to the VAF8000A/B. Equipped with a powerful 5 hp motor, the VAF8000A/B generates both positive and negative airflow at an outstanding maximum capacity of 9,968 cfm.


The intrinsically safe design ensures against dangerous sparking.
Our energy-efficient, high-performance motor is totally enclosed, giving you the assurance to work safely. With a cfm rating of 2,063, the VAF3000P can provide all the continuous circulating airflow you need to get the job done.


Technical Data:



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