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Animal Soaking Systems

FeedLineAnimalSoaking1600pw.pngIt does not have to be 110°F for heat stress to occur in dairy cows. Studies have found at temperatures as low as 68°F, dairy cows will begin to cut feed intake and lose body weight. Milk production falls. Reproductive performance, health and lactational performance are affected. Heat stress will continue to affect performance even in the cooler months ahead. High yielding cows are most susceptible to heat stress. All of this quickly impacts your production.

Dairy Cattle Soaking System

Air movement cools cows that are soaked to the hide more effectively than cows that are dry. The Schaefer Dairy Soaking System soaks cows to the hide and, in conjunction with Schaefer circulation fans, lowers cow temperatures and increases milk production and reproductive rates.

The Soaking System showers the animals for a short period of time while at the feed line, in the holding pen or returning from milking. After the shower shuts off, Schaefer circulation fans blow across the cows’ backs to increase evaporative cooling.

The System can be designed for any dairy layout using standard components including controllers/timers, PVC piping, valves and filters, shower nozzles and check valves.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely cost effective cow-cooling solution
  • High capacity, low pressure, large droplet soaker nozzles for effective, quick soaking
  • 110V or 220V controllers; controlling 1 to 4 zones
  • Time activated or motion activated sprinklers

For more information on the Animal Soakings System contact the Customer Care Center at 1.800.779.3267.

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