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Galvanized Box Exhaust Fans

545B112G-3-UA, 483B1, 483B1-2-115, 483B1-3V, 483B1-3, 485B1, 485B112, 485B112-3, 485B1-2, 485B1-3V, 485B1-3, 365B34-3V, 363B12DD-3-HC, 363B12DD-HC, 365B12, 365B34, 365B1G-2-LT, 365B1G-LT, SB0518-365B1G-LT-PA, SB0518-425B112G-LT-PA, 425B112G-LT, 485B2G-3-LT, SB0518-485B2G-LT-PA, 485B2G-LT, 545B2G-LT, 363B12, 363B34-3V

GalBoxExhaustFan.JPG (1)Maintain a safe and productive work environment by exchanging hot or contaminated air using Schaefer low cost galvanized, box exhaust fans. These low cost, high volume exhaust fans are protected from the elements with outlet side aluminum shutters and mount in walls of almost any thickness, typically with the outlet shutter flush, or nearly flush with the outside wall. Fans ship fully assembled with aluminum inlet shutters, self-adjusting belt tensioner and galvanized outlet guard.

Features and Benefits:

  • G90 galvanized construction, for corrosion resistance and long life
  • Totally enclosed, thermally protected motors for safety and long life
  • Easy belt replacement, minimal maintenance required
  • Remote Lubrication System optional
  • Suitable for buildings with any wall thickness
  • Available in 36" or 48" sizes
  • 3-wing or 5-wing blade style
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA

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