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Galvanized Steel Panel Fans

245P12DD, 363P1, 363P12, 363P12-3, 363P12-3V, 363P1-3, 363P1-3V, 363P12DD-3V, 363P12DD, 363P12DD-3, 365P1-3, 365P12-3V, 365P1, 365P12, 365P12-3, 365P1-3V, 523GP1-3-27, 523GP1-3-27-UA, 523GP1-27, 523GP1-3V-27, 523GP1-3-50-27, 523GP112-3-27, 523GP112-3-50-27, 523GP112-27, 523GP112-3V-27, 523GP112-3V-50-27, 523GP1-3V-27-UA, 523GP112-3-27-UA, 523GP112-3V-27-UA, 523GP112-3-50-27-UA, 523GP112-3V-50-27-UA, 523GP112-27-UA, 523GP1-27-UA, 523GP1-3-50-27-UA, 543GP1-3, 543GP112-3V, 543GP1, 543GP112, 543GP112-3, 543GP112-HP, 543GP1-3V, 543GP2, 543GP2-3V, 545GP1, 545GP112, 545GP112-3, 545GP112-HP, 545GP1-3V, 545GP2, 545GP2-3V, 545GP112-3V, 545GP1-3, 483P1-3, 483P34-3V, 483P1, 483P1-2, 483P1-3V, 483P34, 483P34-3, 485P1, 485P112, 485P112-3, 485P1-2, 485P1-3V, 485P34, 485P34-3, 485P34-3V, 485P1-3


AgPanelFans240.pngSchaefer's galvanized steel panel fans combine low cost, high airflow and high air speeds for very high ROI livestock cooling. These fans are designed for agricultural livestock buildings requiring large volumes and velocities of air with a belt driven preference. Regardless of application, free stall barns, feed lines or holding pens, Schaefer offers a wide variety of galvanized panel fans to meet your specific needs. Ships fully assembled, complete with belt tensioner.

Features and Benefits:

  • Industry leading airflow and efficiency with airflows up to 40,000 cfm and efficiencies up to 40 cfm/watt
  • Lab tested design for maximum performance and quiet operation
  • Heavy gauge galvanized and powder coated steel components
  • Thermally protected TEAO motors for long life
  • Optional post and column mounts available
  • Available in 24", 36", 48", 52" and 54" sizes
  • 3-wing or 5-wing blade style
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Mount panel fans seven feet or higher.

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