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Low Pressure Mist Rings and Nozzles

BNP-1024, BN12, BN16, BN20, BN8, BN12-1024-4PAK, BN8-1024-6PAK, MKLP12-3B, MKLP12SO-3B, MKLP20-4B, MKLP24-4B, MKLP30-5B, MKLP36-6B, MKLP42-7B, MKLP20SO-4B, MKLP24SO-4B, MKLP30SO-5B, MKLP36SO-6B, MKLP42SO-7B


Instantly convert your circulation fan into a misting fan with Schaefer low pressure misting kits. The misting kits can reduce air temperature up to 30°F with wind from a fan and standard water pressure from an ordinary garden hose. The kits are easy to use with push releasable connections and optional ball valve water shut offs. Available for fans of all sizes, Schaefer mist kits provide an easy economical solution for your evaporative cooling needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1/4" black polyethylene tubing for durability and resistance to cracking
  • Brass and stainless steel nozzles to atomize the water
  • Push releasable nozzles and fittings for easy cleaning
  • Optional ball valve for quick and easy shutoff of water supply
  • Standard garden hose connection for water pressure, no additional power required
  • Minimal water consumption, as low as 1.7 gallons per hour, for energy efficiency and low environmental impact.
  • 8 foot water supply line connection from ring to base
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA

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