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SuperCooler Cooling System


SClogo is a large, stationary, through-the-roof evaporative cooling system proven to be very effective in maintaining cow comfort and high milk production levels during even the hottest days in extremely hot and arid climates, such as the US Southwest and the Middle East.

The SuperCooler™ system is typically deployed in dairies with high roofs and which are protected from the prevailing wind and sun with shade curtains. Rows of SuperCoolers are installed down both sides of a peaked roof dairy facility, typically at 20’ spacings. A single SuperCooler cools an area of up to 1,000 square feet, or enough area for 12 to 14 cows, depending on cow density.

Features and Benefits: 

  • 54" diameter G90 galvanized housings (stainless steel housings optional)
  • Large radius fiberglass inlet and outlet flanges for maximum air flow with UV protective gel-coat finish for long life
  • Gear drive configuration
  • 5 hp, 3-phase motor; TEFC/Class F
  • 54" diameter, high efficiency, 5-wing cast aluminum blade
  • Approximately 35,000 total cfm
  • 5-ring, 16-stage, 300 psi stainless steel misting system
  • Control System and Mist System manage up to 36 SuperCoolers and the integrated shade curtains, with variable mist (variable cooling) for maximum cooling without ground wetting
  • Environmental inputs include ambient temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and rain
  • Control System utilizes a touch screen operator interface at the control cabinet.
  • Optional SCADA-based smart phone app allows monitoring and control of the system from remote and local locations
  • Control System has an open architecture. Replacement parts are readily available from Schaefer or local industrial control suppliers.

For more information on SuperCooler Dairy Cooling System contact the Customer Care Center at 1.800.779.3267.

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