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Versa-Kool Portable Drum Fans

VKM36-2, VKM36-2-B, VKM36, VKM36-50, VKM36-B-50, VKM36-B, VKM42-2-B, VKM42-2, VKO36, VKO36-220, VKO36-50, VKT36, VKT36-50, VKT36-B


Tired of continually replacing your mobile drum fans? Schaefer mobile drum fans have “Schaefer-Tough” polyethylene housing and durable reinforced galvanized steel wheel carriage for impact and rust resistance. These fans are built to last, the best looking fans in the industry and move massive amounts of air at high velocities. A single “Schaefer-Tough” mobile fan will not only take the place of several lower performance fans, but out live them as well, lasting for 10+ years.

Features and Benefits:
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  • Non-OSHA deep guards
  • Incredibly quiet for its size and performance levels
  • Extremely high airflow and air throw, rated up to 18,000 cfm
  • Single and two-speed models available
  • UL approved power cord included
  • Optional stacking tabs available
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA

In addition, VKM models feature:

  • Large rubber wheels mounted inside the fan profile for convenience and safety
  • Galvanized steel base for complete corrosion resistance inside and out
  • Narrow fan profile, and ergonomic pull and base handles for easy portability
  • Stacking capability up to four fans high

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