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White Papers
Dairy Cooling: Benefits and Strategies by Ian Atkins, Christopher Choi, Brian Holmes
Dairy Cooling in Humid Subtropical Climates by Ian Atkins, Christopher Choi, Ray Bucklin
Dairy Cooling in Humid Continental Climates by Ian Atkins, Christopher Choi, Brian Holmes
Dairy Cooling in Arid and Semi-Arid Climates by Ian Atkins and Christopher Choi
Discuss heat stress characteristics and their effects on dairy production, and also the various
       systems and strategies now available for heat stress relief. 
FlipFan Dairy Cooling System White Paper
by: John F. Smith; S.D. Anderson; B.J. Bradford; J.P. Harner; C.B.
       Tucker; J.D. Allen; L.W. Hall; S. Rungruang; R.J. Collier, November 2011, shows the effects of adjustable
       and stationary fans coupled with misters on core body temperature and resting behavior of lactating
       dairy cows in a semi-arid climate. To request a copy, please email us using the Contact Us form and
       check the the box for "Yes, I am interested in the FlipFan White Paper" or give Customer Care a call
       at 1.800.779.3267.

Product booklet
Schaefer Dairy Cooling Equipment booklet

Heat Stress Prevention Kit (2001)
Why Cooling is Important/Heat Index Chart (2013)
Schaefer Cow Comfort Solutions - Dairy application photos throughout the United States

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